The curious case of play dough: Parenting from a place of reflection & mindfulness

The curious case of play dough: Parenting from a place of reflection & mindfulness

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  1. awakennrise

    BEAUTIFUL ARTICLE……. Love your insight & thought process… barakallahu feek

  2. Hg2Hd

    Beautiful MashAllah. So true!

    1. Amna S

      Masha Allah. Nice words. My 5 year old is hyper active and now I’m feeling in myself not parenting him rightly .. insha Allah with dua and effort I ll try my best.

      1. Aleeza S

        Dua is what gets you through at the end of the day 😊

  3. ChristalBlogs

    My husband and I were discussing the same thing! I don’t believe in the terrible twos, it’s all part of their development, pushing boundaries and exploring a world that’s still new to them alhamdulillah. And you’re right, having and raising children is a tremendous privilege alhamdulillah for it 😊

  4. Fazy

    Masha Allah thank you so much for this post. As a new mom I am always digging how to bring up my baby in a good way. I loved this!!!

  5. sakeenahbegum

    You have great insight mashaAllah. Too often, we forget our kids are just that, kids and in need of our patience and understanding more than anything. Great post.

  6. Fatima A. (@Blogsbyfa)

    Play dough sounds interesting but I haven’t yet given that to my son. I think he is too little and he won’t know how to play with it. What’s the best age to give it to kids?

    1. Aleeza S

      Fatima I introduced mine to it at 18 months and he was thrilled. It was around the time he had stopped mouthing stuff.

  7. Amina

    You are right, children are not meant to be controlled and manipulated according to the adults’ needs. They are a trust and we must model the best of manners and morals to them. Alhamdulillah for your reflective parenting model. Keeps things in check.

  8. usranaeem

    Exactly you are so right!
    They see & want to do exactly what their parents do so parents have to be more careful ❤

  9. Asbah Alaena

    Maybe there are terrible twos as well :/

    But mostly its us who lose an opportunity to teach our children valueable lessons of empathy and tolerance because we have our egos our perspective or we are so controlling – we are desi parents after all.

    And oh! Threenager must be very similr to teenager :/ i have a 3yo and a 2yo and I can understand

    I blog ay amuslimmama.com

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