Oh My! We have a high needs baby!!

Oh My! We have a high needs baby!!

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  1. Papatia

    We have one too! Very high maintenance lol! May Allah bless our children ,amiin ;)!

    1. Amma Liz

      Aren’t they a handful subhan’Allah 😊 yes Ameen to the dua ♡

      1. Papatia

        Yup! They are 🙂 masha’Allah.

  2. muslimah

    Hm sounds like my daughter as a infant she was high needs turns out she has SPD Sensory processing disorder

    1. Aleeza S

      We are dealing with it right now…no outrageous behaviour to get us really worried but then we have worked VERY hard. We held him alot, I was wearing alot. There has always been alot of skin contact. But now that I have weaned him off breastfeeding and not wearing him at all, I see he is not as settled as he used to be.

      1. muslimah

        Sounds like might be time for SPD evaluation, as it takes a whole team of people to diagnose .

        1. Aleeza S

          I don’t know sister. What made you really concerned in tje first place?

          1. muslimah

            My daughter wouldn’t sleep unless she was moving , she slept in my arms or in a baby swing , she never really settled like my older children did when they were babies and she had issues with clothing ,example if the clothes where to soft for her or if the tag bugged her she would over react

      2. Aleeza S

        Sounds pretty much like my son. since he was our first, we didn’t have anyone to compare him to and just took everything as it came. But I must admit having read Dr Sears book helped us adjust to the situation alot. I never felt that I needed to take him to the doctor to get him evaluated because I met his needs even though it wore me out terribly! Every day is different from the first but Alhamdulillah but it gets better everyday.

        I did sense there was something I needed to work on and I am not boasting here when I say I really did work very very hard. Insha’Allah I will cover that in the coming posts. Till then sister I highly recommend you read the fussy baby book and the attachment parenting book by Dr sears.

  3. Fateema Abdallah

    Thank you for having letting me know about your blog sister, I will surely subscribe as it will be helpful for me.

    Being a parent is really a roller coaster ride. I don’t know if a high need baby is the same as a baby who loves to get his parent’s attention but my son is definitely of the latter category. Everything he does or achieved he comes and let me know about it. He always makes sure I am around when he plays. He is two years old and I realized that part of him only recently.

    People will always tell how to raise your kid but every kid is unique , special and what works for other parents will not automatically work for us. It really takes a lot of time for a mother to decipher her baby’s personality. Like you I also thought for some time I was doing wrong somewhere when I felt helpless and failures. But Alhamdulillah I am learning little by little and it requires a looooooot of patience. ( Note the many “o” in the word “lot” :D)

    1. Aleeza S

      It DOES require aloooot of patience sister :)> This is coming from someone who never knew she had it in her :). Yes a mother should never underestimate her own instinct.

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