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Living A Life With Purpose: Interview With Calisha Bennett

Living A Life With Purpose: Interview With Calisha Bennett

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  1. Calisha

    Thank you for your efforts Aleeza! You work also inspires me alhamdulillah! <3 Barakallah feekum!

    1. Aleeza S

      May Allah put barakah in all that you do <3

  2. Jamila Jones

    Mashallah, I really enjoyed reading this. I took your advice and sat down with a cuppa before I started. I also wake up early after fajer and find I get so much done, but I really need to focus on some of the other tips 3 – 5. Jazkallah Khair very inspiring.

    1. Aleeza S

      Now that’s more like it! Absorbing it all in with your cuppa mashaAllah! I really admire women who know how to relax even if its winding down with a cup of tea! Alhamdulillah you found this inspiring💛

  3. Umm nusaybah

    So inspiring and a timely beautiful reminder for myself! Jazaka’Allah khayr for sharing ladies xx

    1. Aleeza S

      Wa iyakki my dear sister. Alhamdulillah you found it inspiring 🧡

  4. Sumaira

    I loved getting to know sis Calisha through this interview, Mashallah what a true gem she is <3 I'm so impressed with how she fits Quran, exercise, homeschooling, being a mother, and being an entrepreneur into her schedule- incredible and so inspiring!

  5. Shoumuos

    Barak Allah fekom! what a lovely useful post. So inspiring I often do ask myself why am here? what’s my message? I know we were all created for a reason. Such a beautiful reminder Calisha.

  6. Author K.T. Lynn

    Wow mashaÁllah! This is so inspirational! I’ve been feeling a bit down and out lately and this interview really perked me up! 🙂 So much to strive for and al hamdililah Allah gave us 24 hours. Jazak’Allah khair!

  7. Ayeina

    Aameen! Barakallahu feekum <3 Ma shaa Allah! Such a motivational article! Indeed you don't have to prioritise business all the time. Planning things out is must! I love how you made your dream come true! <3 Alhamdulillah

  8. Muslimah_mina

    This is such an inspirational post, I loved sister Calisha’s routine. I hope I can accommodate Quran reading, exercise and some time for my blog daily. It’s good to know about how other mothers are doing so much more and also managing their families and homes.

  9. Fozia S

    Completely agree with the Quote: If you want your children to be excellent, then you have to be excellent yourself.

    JazakAllah khair for sharing..she sounds so organised masha’Allah

  10. Lubna

    What a beautiful post with awesome and encouraging quotes….It is wonderful to read about Sr Calisha Bennett….thank you for sharing….

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