The Best Advice I got as a Newlywed Bride

The Best Advice I got as a Newlywed Bride

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  1. Jameela

    That’s very good advice. Even having expectations of what a marriage is especially growing up watching Hollywood or Bollywood. These movies shape young minds and girls expect it to be all romance while it’s actually hard work on both sides.

  2. Maira

    It’s true most girls enter in to a marriage with a preset mind of “me vs them”. Which doesn’t do anybody any good. This mentality strains the relationship before they are given a chance to build. Girls should allow some room for error before passing the verdict onntheir in laws. I dont mean the extremell cases of course.

  3. Mona

    I totally agree with you “The tragedy in our culture is that girls come into marriages pre-conditioned thinking of their mother inlaw as a “monster” in law. “.
    This is so true! People always are hugely surprised with the fact that I ACTUALLY have a great relationship with my mother-in-law. She spent a month with me alone while my husband was away for work and I spend 6 weeks every summer with her when we go to Egypt.
    The problem is with the movies and TV shows that portray the monster-in-law and also when we listen to the people who have had bad experiences.

  4. Khadijah

    All very good advice sister!

    I have a friend whose in-laws didn’t speak to her at all for the first three months of marriage, even though she was living with them.

    By the will of Allah, one year on they’re like best friends! And call each other Mum and daughter haha.

    Alhamdulillah, my in-laws have been very supportive of me and say hello through video calls every now and again. They live overseas.

    The best marriage advice I’ve heard is that both partners should put Allah first. That way all other affairs will be good and fall into place,

    Another thing is that the spark at the start of the relationship won’t always be as strong throughout the relationship. That’s when you really have to put in effort to make it work.

    Thanks for sharing this article sister. May Allah bless us all in our marriages. Aameen.

  5. Nausheen

    Very good article sister , all the points you mentioned are true. Every girl has preset mind before getting married but yes patience , Efforts & Tawakkal on Allah is the key for successful married life….in sha Allah.

  6. Ayeina

    Such a great post ma shaa Allah! Good advices in the comments too! I would advise to appreciate the similarities and understand differences. Take small steps to achieve your goals <3 JazakilAllahu Khayr for sharing this with us 💟

  7. noor

    Isn’t it for example on arranged marriage, parents are the ones choosing to whom their children will get married? Is this still happening on them too?

  8. Jamila Jones

    This is a very good subject, I can’t really remember the advise I was given but I can say that communication and patience is what works for my marriage

  9. Fozia S

    I didn’t get much advice to be honest as it all happened so quick and noone in the UK knew it was going to happen!

    But have to agree with the advice given: get to know the person as a person

  10. Sumaira

    That is really helpful advice that all newly married couples should hear! I totally agree with you, we should take the time to get to know others and not have huge expectations that could set us up for failure!

  11. Author K.T. Lynn

    Wonderful advice! Whatever expectations you have coming into a relationship should be let go. Unmet expectations can poison a marriage and we have to be careful to avoid forming them! Great advice!

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