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I am not decorating for Ramadan this year and here’s why

I am not decorating for Ramadan this year and here’s why

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  1. salma Mehajabeen shajahan

    Rightly said! Yes I really love to see the beautiful pictures to be seen arounf the social media for the decorations. Subhanallah I am a person who feels the stress,pressure around to keep things safe after the usage of that. But yes it gives a good feel, a positive vibe but I follow a policy at my home since my daughter’s first eid that we will have the decors based on her work. Alhamdulilah I am able to decorate my home with her crafts and nothing extra. and as I usually say there is no right or wrong in Parenting. We have to do what’s best for the family subhanallah!!

    1. Umm Affan

      I have been following your crafts. Indeed those lovingly created art pieces will make the best decor ever ♡

  2. Andale Seaworne

    True. Here apart from some people putting lights on their houses, there was no decoration or crafts made in Ramadan. I guess as a mother, you may have felt the need to involve your children in Ramadan wherever you can and for alot of people, if there is no apparent indication of your actions, they are not important. The goal of Ramadan is to rejuvenate our Imaan so whatever activities you do to help increase your and your family’s Imaan, that is more than enough. Nothing specific
    Very insightful post. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Umm Affan

      I am glad you found it insightful ♡♡♡

  3. Lail Hossain

    We live away from our family. Those of us who live in non-Muslim countries, we know that, to our children Ramadan and Eid can look dull in comparison to Christmas, Halloween, Easter, etc. There is little to no recognition of the Muslim holidays outside of our homes and masjids. Unlike Muslim countries, where markets, streets, television and the general population all foster a sense of connection to the month of blessing, Ramadan and Eid pass by mostly unnoticed in the circle of our kid’s friends.

    As a mother my intention is to instill the love for Ramadan in my child when decorating. I want her to be excited about Ramadan as much as I am excited when Ramadan comes around. I also want to make it special so she grows up knowing how special this month is compared to others. As a family, we love turning off all the lights and turn on our Ramadan decor and listen to the Quran and listen to a short lecture after Ramadan. We decorate because we want to create fond memories for our child with the intention of increasing the love of our deen.

    1. Umm Affan

      Living in non muslim countries comes with its challenges especially with children going to public school. The problem I have tried to highlight is the pressure that can be built up by what’s all shared online. I feel if we are grounded and confident in our beliefs, we won’t feel the need to emulate our occasions with other celebrations. Ramdan has a spirit of its own. I think we can signify the coming of something special by making some changes around the house. The problem is excessive spending and show off which is against the spirit of Ramadan

  4. Juzaila

    Despite the gloom, one of the things i love about ramadan and eid this year is that we have to stay home during the pandemic. It takes a huge load by not succumbing to the fallacy of decorating for Eid. My eid is going to be the simplest it has ever been!

    1. Umm Affan

      There is immense joy in simplicity ♡

  5. Zainab Dokrat

    I think it’s a personal preference. I know I love decorating, I love my home to look nice generally so I love decorating for Ramadan and both Eids. My mindset is why not, those are amazing times for a Muslim and it just enhances the mood, the vibe and it’s fun. I think it’s great for children as well, I think sometimes we just live life like such a routine, so why not fill your home with some joyous decor. I don’t think you need to take it to social media, when social media comes into play it usually ends up putting people off in the long run, like you can just do it for yourself and your family.. Also I don’t think you need to break the bank, you can reuse decorations over and over again, you can DIY all of it or get kids into the spirit of these celebratory days as well as yourself.

  6. Fozia S

    I do decorate to make it special for the kids. Living in a country where Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc is so visible, it is important to get the kids to have something to look forward to. However our decorations are never Pinterest worthy etc….we do it for ourselves and not to impress social media.

  7. Alexandria

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I know Ramadan has passed for this year but you raise so many important points! I love the reflection questions that you’ve posted – those are a great way to really dial in and figure out your intention for decorating (or anything else really)!

    1. Umm Affan

      I am glad you found this beneficial. This didn’t sit well with many

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