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Cleanliness Is Not Half Our Faith

Cleanliness Is Not Half Our Faith

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  1. Umm Hamid

    This is a very concerning matter ! In most towns in Pakistan there arent bins and people have no idea how to dispose of garbage, but I have also witnessed in the parks of the big cities, the presence of rubbish spread in the grass, although dustbins were easily accessible. It is very sad to see this happening in other muslim countries too : (
    May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala help us educating our families and give us good muslim rulers, Ameen

    1. The Odd Muslimah

      Yes sometimes garbage bins aren’t as accessible but how people choose to dispose off of their rubbish speaks volumes of their disposition. Ameen to the dua

  2. Adeeb

    Great article, ma sha Allah, and very much on point. I am from the UK and was searching for and reading various articles related to the hadith that “Cleanliness is half of Faith”. It is truly a sad situation that so many of us Muslims across the world are not practising this hadith. Even here in the UK, towns and areas with a large Muslim community are very often most dirty and unpleasant to see.

    I want to get involved in helping change this situation both locally and globally. Are there any more educational posters such as the one above (“This is not Islam” one) that are available for sharing?

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