Book Review: “It’s Jummah Day” and “The Butterfly Refugee” By Minaret Mountain Books

This last year we have been enjoying two beautiful titles “The Butterfly Refugee” and “It’s Jummah Day” published and gifted to us by Minaret Mountain Books.

Minaret Mountain Books is based in Sydney Australia, founded by muslim homeschooling couple, Roger Ibn Tyrone and Devina.

The books arrived beautifully wrapped up in paper and closed with a wax seal. I could see right away that the publishers had put a lot of thought and care into not only creating the content of the books but also in how they handled it. It was an absolute treat opening up the package.

“It’s Jummah Day” is the first book we read of the two. The book is very vibrantly illustrated with hand painted drawings by Roger Ibn Thyrone.

Image courtesy Minaret Mountain Books

We really enjoyed looking at the pictures and clicked with them right away. The reason being many of the illustrations show what children do everyday. Wake up, change, shower, read, going to the sweet shop to get weekly treats and having picnic together.

Some elements in the illustrations are sure to spark curiosity and imagination in young ones. For example, the car has been shown as having a camel’s head or children have been shown lying on clouds. It seems the author and illustrator have included a fragment of their own children’s imagination into the art work.

The book walks us through the Sunnan that one should follow on Friday. Doing ghusl, cutting nails, wearing new clothes, etc. And added in the narration are some fun and leisurely activities that the family engage in after Jummah prayer to make the day joyous and memorable.

What stuck to me through out reading the book was that it radiates so much warmth. It not only reminds of the particulars of the blessed day but also encourages family bonding in such a simple yet positive way.

I am sure its one book we are going to enjoy for many Fridays to come inshaAllah.

The second book I read was “The Butterfly Refugee”. Again very nicely laid out and illustrated. But considering the topic of the book, I was a bit reserved about reading it to my little ones (they were just 5 and 3 then). So I had a read of it myself first. I must say I was moved!

Image courtesy Minaret Mountain Books

The book is written in narrative style in which a girl is telling her experience of living through war.

The story begins with how her life used to be before it was torn apart by war and she was forced to flee her homeland. The girl’s journey has been symbolised by a caterpillar going through life’s harsh experiences to mature into a beautiful butterfly.

The girl sees everything a child from a war torn country can ever feel and see. Her family is torn apart by death. She has to leave her home and find refuge in a strange land where she is treated like a prisoner. She does eventually find the care of a loving family but still isn’t able to escape the harsh impact of racism.

You would say the whole account is very dismal for a children’s book. But I love how the girl exudes so much wisdom and keeps the hope alive through hard times by hanging onto her trust in Allah’s divine plan. And you can see the depiction of it by mention of Allah’s beautiful names throughout the narration.

I believe this book can ignite compassion is young hearts for all around them. It can instil very important message in young minds. The most important message I would like my young one to take away from this is that no matter what circumstances they are faced with in life, they always need to have unshakeable faith in Allah’s plan.

Secondly, I hope through this book children are able to appreciate that after rough times good times are sure to come. While the world can be unfair and harsh and you will surely will hurt one time or another. But there is also happiness, kindness and beauty in the world.

Both these books can be purchased from the Minaret Mountain Books website. For more updates on their upcoming books, you can follow them on Instagram.

They have free shipping going on on their bundle deals. You can also use the code oddmuslimah10 at the checkout for a further 10% off on your purchase

This post is in collaboration with a few other inspirational bloggers, as part of a blog hop for World Book Day, who are all sharing various aspects of reading- book recommendations , as well as tips. So, do have have a read at their tips, reviews and advice:

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