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Talking to Children about Jesus (AS)

Talking to Children about Jesus (AS)

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  1. Jeanne

    Mashallah- so great to see you utilise this time of the year, which is inevitable to bring up questions, seeing as we do live in the west. I’m sure the questions will keep coming, and in turn I guess it’s just our duty as Muslim parents to explain while returning the focus to the one and only Allah 💗

    Thanx for sharing- will inshallah use these with my girls 👌

    1. Aleeza S

      Would love to see how you use the worksheets inshaAllah 🧡

  2. Zainab Dokrat

    I love this, working with children as a teacher this is a great way to also answer questions. I get a ton working for a Christian school as a Muslim and this is lovely! I think if you have kids this is great too, educating them so they can know and can answer questions their friends/teachers may have. (

  3. Jamila Jones

    Mashallah, I really love this. I will be sending this to my daughter, I know this will be beneficial to her and my grandson. Jazkallah Khair for the handouts.

  4. Ayeina

    Ma shaa Allah tabarakallah! How amazingly you have discussed this! <3 I love how you have incorporated activities in between. Jazakallahu Khayr for sharing.

  5. Sumaira

    Mashallah what a wonderful way to spend time with your children on winter break! I love that these activities are both fun and educational! I will definitely be checking out these printables, thank you so much for sharing xx

  6. Author K.T. Lynn

    This type of post makes me dream about when I finally am blessed to become a parent inshaÁllah! Parenting is such a huge responsibility and mashaAllah you are going above and beyond!

  7. Fozia S

    I said on instagram that I was going to be doing activities with the kids and reading about Jesus (AS) in the holidays. Have a post in drafts about the books…really should publish it. Thanks for sharing your activities

  8. Nazrin

    This is such a beautiful way to teach your children as well as make them mindful of others beliefs and faiths – you’re preparing them for life out of their four walls and you are doing amazingly well!

  9. Ayesha Yakoob Al-Yousuf

    Beautiful, creative activity! We are het to discuss about Christmas as they don’t see the fuss around here. Still battling the demon of birthdays and highlighting the Eidain as the festival of muslims.

  10. Bushra

    Mashaallah I really love the way you teach your child about Islam… I’m sending this article to my nephew…Loved it very much <3

  11. Nayab

    This is excellent. Thanks for sharing. Will use this activity next year inshallah. Wish I had seen it earlier

  12. Nermina

    This is so great. We are hoping to use this next year when our oldest will be turning 5 iust after this period of time and understands more. Maybe even do it 6months ahead so I can get better at teaching it ♡

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