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Now that I stay at home, has my degree gone waste?

Now that I stay at home, has my degree gone waste?

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  1. Umm Ruqaiya

    Jazakillahu khair for writing this.
    I read in a book some time back that we need to live our lives in phases and not every project needs to be done in each phase. Children are the most important project we work on 😀

    I am personally amazed at how people unappreciate knowledge of a mother, not the degree but knowledge. A mother who is intentionally raising her children has way more knowledge about various aspects of life than others in my opinion.

  2. BushraZ Blogs

    Jazakallah for sharing your story. I really appreciate and respect your hard work. I’m very impressed with you that you are homeschooling your kids(it’s the best part of this article for me because I want to do the same when I get married and I’ll have my own kids). Your story is truly an inspiration for me… 😍😍

  3. Fozia S

    Must say I have been feeling really lost myself and was myself beginning to feel like I had wasted 4 years of my life doing a law degree that I am not using anymore.

    But those 4 years are what made me into the person I am today even if I am not literally using the degree. They helped me become strong and independant

  4. Ayeina

    Beautiful & Reflective! Knowledge never goes to waste actually..even when we go pursue something else in our lives. f

  5. Jessica Daqamsseh

    I related so much to your article. Before having my daughter, I completed a Masters degree program. When I became pregnant, I was adamant that I was going to stay home with her, especially for those crucial first few years of life. People were extremely critical of me and felt like I was wasting my degree. Sometimes we need to put our priorities in perspective and consider, how do we truly feel fulfilled? what do we want from life? Not every woman needs to fit the same mold. You can work, you can stay at home–as long as it’s the path you feel best for you, then pursue it!

  6. Aisha M

    SubhaanAllah!! I just saw your takeover on the muslimahblogs on IG and saw this title! I knew I had to come read it! Thank you soo much for writing this. I have thought about this for the longest time. I want to homeschool my children but also had identity crises and suffered with guilt that I was wasting my undergrad training and possibly the post grad too. SubhaanAllah. I am so grateful to come across this. In my mind I can still practice once the children get older inshaAllah. I am still thinking of homeschooling and would like to earn some income from home. Making lots of dua and telling myself to journal to process all these thoughts. Thank you sooo much for sharing this. Jazaakillah khair

  7. Andale Seaworne

    Beautiful post. You’ve mentioned this when we met but knowing in detail why you made this decision is amazing. If ever I’m unable to practice, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’m not a waste of space, all that knowledge will not be useless and my decision can be worth it. You definitely are always doing enough!

  8. Govar

    It’s truly inspiring to see a dentist who has achieved so much academically to choose to be a stay-at-home mother and home educate her children. Why is it that we as women are expected to be a mother, a wife and have a full time Job all at the same time. Why is caring for our family and nurturing and educating our children looked down upon? Why is it that our value and worth is based on our achievements and qualifications but not our true selves. I have struggled a lot, feeling an immense amount of guilt spending many years of my life in education only to end up not working but choosing to be a stay-at-home mother. Alhamdulillah now I have come to the realisation that I would much rather be their for my child who needs my attention, my love and my presence at these early years of her life, than choose to peruse a career so that I can say I did something with my degree.

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