Good Touch. Bad Touch. What Touch? Talking To Children About Body Safety

Good Touch. Bad Touch. What Touch? Talking To Children About Body Safety

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  1. Barakah

    This is such an important topic that many of us neglect to address. Thanks for the reminder. So many beneficial points.

    1. Aleeza S

      Alhamdulillah you benefited

  2. Jeanne

    Such an important topic. One that is crucial for this generation.
    Totally agree with that the “good touch, bad touch” differentiation is problematic- as you said, when our private areas are touched, it can feel good, so why is this bad?’ Also instilling a sense of shame surrounding their sexual pleasures can cause marital issues for them in he future. Changing the language to safe and unsafe is a step in the right direction I think.
    May Allah enable us to speak openly to our children, and equip them to know what is right and wrong. As when those lines get blurred, trouble is sure to seep in.

    1. Aleeza S

      Ameen to the dua🧡 Yes concepts picked up in childhood tend to stay forever. Same goes for abuse, it can and does impact victim’s whole life. Best way forward is to try to prevent abuse best we can and if its happened, support and counsel the victim because it’s never his fault.

  3. Amina

    Cannot stress enough on the importance of this topic. I wish we were educated on this when we were younger. A really good friend of mine was touched inappropriately by a stranger and a relative multiple times at a young age and I guess was just scared and ashamed to tell anyone. She had mentioned to me and another friend but we just didn’t take it seriously, In fact we giggled!!! ( we were in lower elementary) I want to pull my hair out each time I think about it, and it’s something I can never forget and no way can imagine this happening to my child.
    I agree with you how we really need to be clear and specific about our kids body parts and I LOVE how you put it – Safe and Unsafe touch. There is no need to be shy and hesitant when teaching our kids, if we don’t who will?! May Allah protect all our children from all the evil.
    Thank you for writing this so comprehensively and with such clarity. You have been blessed with the gift of writing, May Allah reward you!❤️

  4. Aleeza S

    Jazakillah khair for your well wishes 💛. You shouldn’t blame yourself for not being able to help your friend then because you didn’t know any better. Pray for your friend that it wasn’t anything worse than that and she was able to cope. Alhamdulillah we are now better equipped to educate our children 🧡

  5. Noor

    This topic that you came up this time is really related to what’s going on anywhere in the world. Because of these stories and news that I hear it really makes me worried like to the point even boys are effected. Inshaallah we will be able to raise our child safely and aware of his surroundings.

  6. Bushra

    You’ve chosen a very nice topic for a blog… child molestation is rising rapidly especially in India… and we all need to teach the children about the good and the bad touch.

  7. Ayeina

    Great post! Jazakallahu Khayran Kaseera for sharing such amazing tips with us <3 We did a campaign against child abuse in our local schools last year and it was a great experience talking to school kids Alhamdulillah. -F

  8. Jamila Jones

    Fantastic topic and one that definitely should be discussed and made more aware of. Its so good you have listed out all the different practical ways we can protect our children and for them to protect themselves, and I agree with you the words safe touch, unsafe touch is better words to use, these words are much more powerful..

  9. Fozia S

    JazakAllah Khair for sharing. I must admit this is not something I have discussed with the girls but I know it is important and shouldn’t shy away from it. So in sha Allah will get a discussion going with them

  10. Lubna

    Very thoughtful post….thank you for sharing…though I have read these before…I feel i learn new every time I read something like this…

  11. Sana

    This so well written and such an important topic. We try to talk to our kids and have the rules of in sight play and are usually very vigilant. But you brought up so many points that we hadn’t touched up on or talked about in the way you mentioned. So we will definitely be talking to them again. Thank you so much for writing this. It is indeed a very important topic and in this day unfortunately, it’s very real. 😢

  12. Lilac Prose

    This is such an important topic to discuss with children and you’ve explained it really well. Thanks for sharing!

  13. loquacuous dr

    i loved loved reading it. having young kids im always super concious about it even to the extent of paranoia. may Allah protect our kids from all evils.

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