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Some Odd Reasons to Homeschool my Children

Some Odd Reasons to Homeschool my Children

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  1. Umm Ruqaiya

    Very nice most, jazakillahu khair.

    We are also planning to homeschool as of now, in sha Allah. For now kids are too young but we do untraditional learning through play as you said every moment can be used to learn.

    My reasons are exactly the same plus three:

    1. I want my children to be able to feed themselves, grow as individuals who know how to take care of house and themselves. Which I feel is more easily possible if they are homeschooled. I can’t expect this of them when they are most of their lives in school just studying books and not really learning life skills.

    2. I believe when kids are mostly around adults they grow better in terms of manners. Yes, friends of their own age are important but not most of the day, I feel.

    3. I don’t want my kids influenced by random kids :/ (I feel you did cover this but differently)

  2. Samira

    Jazakallahu khairan for sharing! May Allah make this journey easy and may it full of barakah!
    My reasons for homeschooling would be :
    1. I know my children’s learning strengths and weaknesses and as their mother I will have the full liberty the lessons keeping that in mind.
    2. I do not want to expose my children to the non-islamic practices in school.

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