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Dreaming of Jannah with “In Jannah, I want…” Imagination Journal

I love talking to my children about Jannah. Cool water streams flowing through lush green gardens. Relaxing while reclining on luxurious seats, wearing fancy garments without a worry in the world. Just thinking about all that is such a remedial treatment for all the physical and mental exhaustion that comes with rearing children.

Jannah talks are our ultimate escapade!

The first time I talked to Little Mr about Jannah was when I didn’t want him to have too much sweet lest it ruins his teeth. I told him in Jannah he will be able to have all the chocolate he wants without having to worry about his teeth going bad. Now he can’t wait to swim in his chocolate pond. Little Miss, who is 2 and still too young to understand most of our talks, just chimes in an excited “yay!” here and there absorbing in all our excitement.

Talking about Jannah is something that really brings us joy!

Hence imagine the excitement when Ayeina came out with their “In Jannah, I want…” imagination journal.

Previously I had been telling children about Jannah from what I read in Quran tafseer plus a few ahadith from memory. Considering I have been Jannah obsessed for a while, this journal was a treasure box full of Jannah motivation! Even though it’s still a PDF version, it didn’t stop us from soaking in all the Jannah wisdom!

There are so many concepts explored in this journal! It consists of ahadith and ayaat on Jannah which have been divided into 5 sections for the 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. All the ahadith and Quranic ayaat have been adequately referenced. At the beginning of each section, there’s an introduction to how each sense works giving us an idea of how differently we will sense things in Jannah. I really like the concept because it really helped us in expanding our visualisation of Jannah.

At the end of each section, there’s a du’a which you can memorise with your children.

Each hadith and ayat in the journal comes with a caption written on a shape. There’s a matching shape to go with it but differently coloured with the detailed ayat or hadith. All the area around the brown shape is blank brown too for children to draw, scribble and get creative with. The original idea by Ayeina was to have a lift the flap book (you can read the full description here what they have envisioned for the journal). Since that hasn’t materialised as yet, we have been trying to make our own hard version :D. Which means we have been doing a lot of cutting and pasting plus imagining and crafting with this journal over the past couple of weeks. Not to mention some recycling too. We have been saving cardboard packaging to paste our ayaat or ahadith on and then we have been crafting around it with different material.

It’s one of a kind unique journal.

It’s really a full on journal and book. It totally depends upon you how many concepts you would like to take on and work on with your children. Depending on their age of course. We have mainly been focusing on the crafting part. We took out one hadith or ayat to work on each Friday and it became something we truly looked forward to each week. We had to stop crafting on the cardboard though because it was becoming too bulky and we haven’t figured out a way to bind it and store it. But I will be honest and say the whole crafting process was so cathartic for me too with all the talks and cuddles in between.

We are looking forward to the print version to come out soon with all the cool stickers and embelishment ideas. And something we could keep by our bedsides till we find our way into Jannah InshaAllah.

You can win a copy of this journal!

We have so fallen in love with the journal that we asked Ayeina to give away some copies especially for my readers here. And the generous ladies they are they ofcourse agreed not to 1 but to GIVEAWAY 3 copies of their digital “In Jannah, I want…” imagination journal.

All you have to do is let us below in the comments what do you look forward to the most in Jannah?

I will be selecting one winner each from my blog here, from my Facebook page and Instagram.

For everyone else, please help support bringing the physical journal into fruition by purchasing the digital copy here.

I highly recommend buying it. It’s an investment and I am sure you won’t regret it. Plus it’s also a sadq-e-jariya towards one of its kind resource which will help our children and our own connect their hearts with our beautiful deen.

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  1. This was a great review of an amazing product mashAllah! I love how this journal comes with duas too and allows children to explore the 5 senses!

    1. Aleeza S says:

      I am so glad we have creative minds who are coming up with these well researched yet interactive Islamic products for our children Alhamdulillah

  2. Sumaiya Hamza says:

    Absolutely true review…. I am also enjoying this journal with my 3yrs old…. Her questions are so crazy most of the time I m unable to answer but trying my best

    1. Aleeza S says:

      InshaAllah our children’s inquisitiveness and curiosity pushes us to learn more ♡

  3. Yusra says:

    This really makes me realise that I probably have not done anything to earn Jannah..😔 and striving my best to earn by doing prescribed deeds by Allah
    I wish to b in jannah in first place and enjoy all d things bestowed upon us in sha Allah…
    I would want to see Allah swt, all the prophets (as). The Khulafa rashideen, Jibreel (as) ,shuhadas,saliheens & I would want Allah swt to give my parents the highest of Jannah firdaws.😊..
    I also want to meet my child who left me in duniya😔 in sha Allah

    May Allah swt keeps all fixed on the sirat’al Mustaqeem, & grant us Jannah ameen.

    This is d best product which helps to imbibe islam in children in daily life..wonderful job by ayesha n odd muslimah sisters..may Allah give u ajr of providing us wid dese products ..aameen
    Im in much need of dis coz im in love wid dis journal n luking frward to add into my journal shelf and im also into journals deeply…hope to win in sha Allah

    1. In Jannah I long for the kind of contentment and peace that we dont gain in this world.. I want to see Allah, the angels, and the prophets.. I want to feel that kind of absolute happiness when I see them.. I want to know what it feels like.. I also want my enjoy all the things in Jannah with my family too..

      I hope Allah guides me and my family so we can be those who can live in Jannah for eternity..

      1. Aleeza S says:

        May Allah bless you with contentment of both worlds Ameen!
        ME and the collaboratr have chose you to win the Jannah journal. Please get in touch with your email address so I can send it right away <3

    2. Aleeza S says:

      May Allah make all your heartfelt wishes come true. Ameen ♡

      All is the most merciful. Never lose hope in His mercy ♡

  4. Daniya khati says:

    Salaam… Jazakillah khair for such a hearty review…. Would love to win and buy it sooner in sha Allah…
    I would love to spend my days with ummahatul nominees and sahabiyat in jannah along with all the amazing sisters whom I interact with on all virtual platforms but couldn’t meet in this world easily… In sha Allah together on the mesmerizing hills of jannah…. I just love this imagination….. 💕💕💕💕… Commenting on all the three odd muslimah pages and blog… So that I could win this beautiful journal to work with my kids who equally love jannah discussions just like their exciting mamma…. I really imagine jannah when I feel low in this worldly life….. It’s like a balm of assurance that this is for a while….. Eternal life is far more better thing Allah has created for us all…. Let’s strive for the best things in sha Allah

    1. Aleeza S says:

      Would love to meet you sister if not in this world then in Jannah for sure inshaAllah ♡

  5. Tantri Nur Permana says:

    Maa Syaa Allaah
    Best review ever!
    I really want to be into the knowledge of Jannah like you and ayeina do!!
    In Jannah I really want to see the face of Allaah ‘Azza wa Jall and Rasulullaah shallallaahu alaihi wasallam also of course all the prophets that we can only read the story in Quran right now.
    I want to meet ummahatul mu’minin Khadijah radiallaahuanha, and also the ‘alim Aisyah radiallaahuanha. And I wish I could see all family member gathered and everyone look really happy.
    Since I really love fruits I want to see and taste how tasteful is it every kind of fruit in Jannah.
    And oh! The rivers of clarified honey.
    Maa syaa Allaah Maa syaa Allaah. May Allaah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us Jannah aamiin Ya Allaah Ya Mujiib

  6. What a beautiful idea!! I would’ve loved to have this book when I was little. I remember imagining what I would want to have in Jannah. This is a wonderful book to inspire children to learn about their deen and prepare for the Akhirah, but also a reminder to us all why we live the way we are living.

    1. Aleeza S says:

      It is indeed a beautiful journal. We love it ♡

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