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Why Am I Not Fulfilled In My Identity As A Muslim Woman?

Why Am I Not Fulfilled In My Identity As A Muslim Woman?

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  1. Andale Seaworne

    It’s good to have doubt about this so that we keep a check on our Emaan, thoughts and actions. Ice cream and chocolate isn’t so bad 😉 I agree with you. At school level, Islam has been taught just enough to survive but knowledge to live is colonizer & western information.
    Thank you for explaining these terminologies. I’ve been in a lot of doubt whether to consider myself conservative or liberal, feminist or not. I love your quote of Where we came from & Who we are. Will listen to your talk with Iram soon Inshallah

  2. Joanna Imran

    That was so insightful! I’ve always considered myself to be rather liberal in views, but this made me think whether I really am as liberal as I thought, and how that aligns with my chosen faith. I could definitely benefit from a bit of re-education on some aspects too, think it’s time to dust off some books

  3. Zainab Dokrat

    This was actually such a beautiful post to read and so well written mashallah <3 I think as women we are honestly so amazing, there are so many sides to us that make us who we are, but just as that is, it can also be the reasons we forget who we are. With each chapter in our life usually comes more responsibility; work, marriage, children, family, etc. Sometimes these sides can become too stressful and focused on that we lose the essence of who we are and we struggle with our identity. Not to mention at some point all Muslimahs struggle when it comes to even what we are and how we present ourselves, that itself can cause an identity crisis. Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves… This post hit every point. May Allah make it easy for all women, it's not easy and we face many struggles. Pray, have faith, be strong, never forget who you are and your dreams and InshaAllah may Allah open up everyone's doors to happiness and contentment. (

  4. Fozia S

    So basically are we saying that if we have faith and religion then we will be totally fulfilled…and our role is simply to raise pious kids?

    1. Umm Affan

      I have been a mom only 6 something years and I did say it’s no simple task. The point being raised is that we need to equip ourselves with knowledge as to what are our rights so we do not allow ourselves to be impressed and also not be swayed by all the ideologies out there

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