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Navigating Social Media in Ramadan

Navigating Social Media in Ramadan

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  1. Muslimah_mina

    Such a timely reminder thanks for sharing this I was just contemplating on whether I should delete my social apps and go for a digital detox for a month. As you mentioned we should ponder on our intention and thanks for the Free wallpaper.

    1. Umm Affan

      BarakAllahu feekum ♡

    2. Umm Affan

      You are most welcome. Praying you are having a fruitful Ramadan ♡

  2. Fozia S

    I think social media can make you feel inadequate not just in ramadan but a lot of the time. People doing lots of crafts and activities with their kids while you are just surviving the day…….loads of fitness posts and ‘couple goals’.

    you are right though that it is just a glimpse of a life that may not actually be as perfect as it is made out to be

    1. Umm Affan

      Yes we unconsciously start measuring ourselves against whatever we see. I feel we should be be very intentional with our usage out of Ramadan as well especially for sake of our well being

  3. Juzaila

    Great post, i struggled with social media the most because you cant help feeling that you are always doing less and it always seem not good enough. Must keep reminding myself and check your intentions.

    1. Umm Affan

      It’s a struggle with many I am sure. Being intentional definitely helps ♡

  4. Alexandria

    This is such a helpful reminder! Especially during Ramadan but also overall, with our day-to-day usage of social media! It’s so easy to get stuck in the screens! SubhanAllah thank you for your thoughtful post!

    1. Umm Affan

      It is, it is! Sometimes we need to be reminded of just the thing we remind others of and your comment did just that. Thank you ♡

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