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“Where’s Your Baby?”

“Where’s Your Baby?”

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  1. Zainab Dokrat

    Wow this was beautifully written, I think nowadays people are becoming more understanding and not asking as much “when are you having kids?” or “when are you having more?”, It’s hard as well if you feel ready and you want a family but that chapter isn’t happening or you can’t find a good partner. InshaAllah Allah make it easy for everyone, it cannot be easy. It seems every major chapter comes with its own test for everyone. May Allah make easy for those who do want children and cannot get pregnant, may Allah make it easy for those looking for good partners and may Allah bless those with kids good, pious and healthy children.

  2. Andale Seaworne

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to have your future dream crushed after the realization that one is infertile. 50 million couples?? That’s a huge number of people! May Allah give them all strength.
    Very beautiful and informative post. I’m not in this situation but it is good to know what Allah can place in the future for me and others and how to react to it and respond to those who are undergoing infertility or not planning to have children at the moment.
    These are great simple & basic yet helpful tips

  3. Fozia S

    JAzakAllah Khair for sharing. Sadly so many people are insensitive about this issue, people get married and the community one month later start asking is she pregnant yet? I do think though that the new generations are changing and are becoming more mindful.

    May Allah make it easy on all.

    1. Guest Writer

      Alhamdulillah things do seem to be changing. But some things are very deeply ingrained culturally and will take time to root out.

  4. BushraZ Blogs

    Great piece of information… This post was very engaging. I can understand how hard it is for any woman.. May Allah Grant healthy and happy children to all the people who don’t have children. Aameen..

  5. Ayeina

    Such a different post!! People really need to think twice before asking such questions… May Allah bless all the couples who are willing to have kids. Aameen. Indeed Allah knows best and He is the best of planners

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