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What My Faith Taught Me About Overcoming Pain, Distress & Hard Times.

What My Faith Taught Me About Overcoming Pain, Distress & Hard Times.

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  1. Riza Khamal

    This piece is mashaAllah tabarakallah a good reminder on how should we approach and accept the challenges in our lives. I do agree, life wasn’t designed to be a walk in the park. Remembering that there is ease in every hardship is important, this gives us hope and not wallow in pessimism. Alhamdulillah for Islam, for it gives us opportunity to earn ajr even through a prick of a thorn, we just have to be patient, accept that Allah subhanahu wa taala knows us better than we know ourselves. He won’t test us more than we can bear.

    1. Aleeza S

      Yes! Jazakillah khair for reminding He definitely won’t burden a soul more than we can bear ♡

  2. Andale Seaworne

    Love this post! Surely Allah doesn’t leave anyone alone no matter how many sins one has committed and He does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear. If we have strong faith, being patient becomes very easy 😊

  3. Fozia S

    A great reminder for those that may currently be going through difficulty. And we may not understand our trials but as you say they may have a deeper purpose.

  4. Umm Ruqaiya

    Jazakillahu khair for the reminder 🙂
    Needed it.

    I love your pain notes picture. And that golden pen is simply BEAUTIFUL. Ma sha Allah

  5. Afreen Zia

    Jazak Allah khair for the reminder.

  6. Salma Mehajabeen Shajahan

    need of the hour. I wanted this support at the moment.

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