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What it truly means to be strong?

What it truly means to be strong?

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  1. Andale Seaworne

    That’s true, it’s our differences between men and women that make us stronger together. There was somewhere I read is that the strongest person isn’t one who is physically strong but is one who is able to control his anger, so strength does come in different packages, tangible and intangible. Exactly, men have a high status based on their duties. Yay, fought misogyny like a woman!
    My strengths are being an empath too, good listener, patient, honest and responsible (not just complimenting myself, this is what my family says about me 🙂 )

    1. Umm Affan

      I second you being a good listener. It’s a rare quality these days ♡

  2. Shahira

    Absolutely true that we are created different and that we as women shouldnt be comparing ourselves to men and that we shouldnt be doing everything in context to Men but to God

    1. Umm Affan

      “We shouldn’t be doing everything in context to men but God”

      You said it!


    True that! Allah created men and women different. We can never be compared. Subhanallah 🌸 I think I’m a good listener too. 😅

    1. Umm Affan

      You are a rarity in this this fast paced highly distracted world. Alhamdulillah you recognize your strength. I am sure many flock around you to vent out 😉 ♡

    2. Umm Affan

      We definitely need more good listeners in this world ♡

  4. Jamila

    It’s funny, I remember when I was young how I would always say I wished I was a boy or a man ( Subhanallah). In my eyes, as a little girl, it seemed men had it all. What was I thinking. I love being a woman. Allah has given women the blessing of bringing life into the world through their bodies. How great is that. Allah has blessed me with many skills. I would say my biggest strength is in motivating and guiding others to fulfil their dreams and potential.

    1. Umm Affan

      Most of us women have been there sadly haven’t we. Not many around us who have felt unapologetic and confident in their roles.

      That’s a wonderful strength to have ♡

      May SWT reward you for all that you do for His sake. Ameen

  5. Fozia S

    Lol good on you for remaining calm…I would have been tempted to accidentally hit him with the arrow!

    1. Umm Affan

      Hahaha. It hasn’t been easy! It’s taken many years of difficult internal dialogue to reach this point in life

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