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The change you seek begins with YOU!

The change you seek begins with YOU!

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  1. Andale Seaworne

    Very true. You can try to change someone but its not easy. Even if its without any selfish intentions and just for their betterment, you can give them guidance but in the end its their choice. Our Prophet (SAW) was not told to change people, he was told to guide them through Allah’s world so that through His words, they could change.
    It does take courage to admit one’s mistakes but wow, it opens us to seek help? I didn’t really think of it and that does make it scary, to have your flaws exposed like that.
    So true. Majority of Pakistanis easily accuse, slander and blame others but when asked about what they did, they get angry. It’s so frustrating and I can only imagine how frustrating it must be for the current government.
    Great tips! Once we have self-acceptance, we can overcoming anything within us and outside us that is stopping us

    1. Umm Affan

      Your comment reminded me how the Prophet himself is reminded again and again thay he is just a warner. The onus of accepting the truth lies on the disbelievers themselves. Very easy to keep taking out faults with everything else. Diving in to fix our own issues does take work ♡

  2. Rooshna

    This topic has been on my mind lately. The need to control and change people and circumstances around us stems from our ‘desire’ to feel comfortable and happy. Often it leads to disappointments and regrets, perhaps coz we put our belief in ourselves more than we should in Allah.

    Also, when we release this trust and focus on changing ourselves, our reactions, our inner dialogues, we can feel a definite peace. Coz truly NOTHING is for us to control except our own actions & intentions. Even those are His gifts and we shall return to Him one day.

    Jazak Allahu Khairan, sis. I am intending to speak a bit on this topic on my Instagram stories in sha Allah. I’ll tag you to let viewers that we share similar thoughts, in sha Allah.

    May Allah reward you abundantly for always sharing gems with us. Ameen

    1. Umm Affan

      oh yes letting go off of control changes alot. And I think one thing that this pandemic should have taught us all is that nothing is in our control except our own thoughts and reactions. Waiting for your further thoughts on this ♡

  3. BushraZ Blogs

    MashaAllah you gave very deep and effective message through this post.
    Yes it’s true if we try to change someone we become frustrated and situation becomes worse.

  4. Danni B

    I think definitely as Muslims we have to be extra aware of ourselves, as we struggle so much more and small things can become so amplified within us. It’s a constant journey and fasting, keeping our salah etc really help with this.

  5. Fozia S

    Agree that you can’t really change anyone….they actually want to have to change themselves.

    Not everyone is willing to accept their short comings but this is what is needed.

  6. Erum Zehra

    Jazak Allah Khair for the beautiful reminder, it is so important to look at our own shortcomings as this is the only way we can better ourselves.

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