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Striving to be better outside Ramadan

Striving to be better outside Ramadan

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  1. Amal

    Very well put! Simple yet extremely effective tips to level & boost up your imaan especially after a big dip post Ramadan. Needed this reminder, thankyou for taking out the time to put together these practical tips for us!
    P.s Bonus points for the illustrations, can’t wait to see & read more!

    May Allah add more barakah to your work. Keep inspiring 💗

    1. The Odd Muslimah

      After all they say a believer can do well with a reminder ♡ I am glad you found this helpful. Thank you for stopping by ♡

  2. Aamna Asif

    Loved reading it. Very helpful. Thank you for it into words.

    1. The Odd Muslimah

      I am glad it was helpful. Thank you for stopping by

  3. Rabeea

    MashaAllah this is so good. Much needed post after Ramadan. And the way you put everything, its inspiring!

    1. The Odd Muslimah

      This was a long time coming for sure. I will be looking forward to your post

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