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Coping with stress and anxiety amidst Corona pandemic

Coping with stress and anxiety amidst Corona pandemic

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  1. Andale Seaworne

    We shouldn’t keep the TV on all the time but atleast once or twice to be aware of what’s going on outside the house & so we don’t treat COVID lightly. Lovely quote and I agree, this lockdown has given us time to learn new things. True, a lot of panic is because people have lost control of a lot of things. Very true, As Muslims we need to accept good and wisdom in every situation and trust Allah. Very informative and helpful post!

    1. Umm Affan

      Yes we need to limit our screen time if not let go off it all together. May good out of this situation for all of us. Ameen ♡

  2. Fozia

    Have to agree with the switch off TV….even social media to be honest. We are just bombarded with information….some of it fake…and it can just overwhelm you

  3. Motia Tul Nabi

    Jazak Allahu Khayran for such wonderful advice. I love the bit where you talk about adjusting our mindset. With our niyah in the right place, everything becomes a form of Ibadah, Subhan Allah.

    1. Umm Affan

      I have recently been looking into quantum thinking and it ties up so well with what our deen already teaches us. Makes you fall in love with your deen even more ♡

  4. Umm Ruqaiya

    Beautiful advise ma sha Allah. Alhamdulillah for us multiple things are working:
    – as you advised, we are not keeping track of case numbers xyz. No news mostly.
    – preparing for ramadan has really kept me busy. And with 3 little kids I am just too busy already.
    – Muslimah Virtual Hangouts that were started since beginning of this Pandemic have been a blessing alhamdulillah. + doing weekly hangouts with family.
    – alhamdulillah my IOU term has just started so I am busy with that too.

  5. Ayeina

    Hard times for people who were already dealing with anxiety. Loved your perspective. Indeed Allah’s plans are the best. Things will change for better soon. Aameen. -f

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